A History of Military Operations (June – September 1941)

Operation Barbarossa: Overview of the Forces Involved and the Axis Objectives

The Axis invasion of the USSR in 1941 was a massive historical event and consequently its scale is difficult to imagine. In order to simplify matters slightly, and give the reader an idea of the scale and the sequence of key events, this historical description is divided into two distinct time periods.

The Period 22nd June to 5th August 1941

The Period 6th August to 30 September 1941

The Belligerent’s Forces, June-July 1941


For more detailed information on the forces involved refer to The Belligerent’s Forces, June-July 1941*

* The detailed information presented here is from the Soviet and German FILARM model (research) used in ‘Operation Barbarossa: the Complete Statistical Collation and Military Simulation’.