Volume IIIB has now been released for sale in hardback

byNigel Askeyon July 25,2020

Volume IIIB is the second Soviet volume, which primarily focuses on the huge Soviet Red Army forces mobilised in 1941. In addition, this volume includes the complete sections on the Soviet Air Force and Navy during 1941. Volume IIIB represents the first ever complete and comprehensive quantitative analysis of the immense Soviet mobilisation program. Every major Soviet combat unit formed in the Red Army, Air Force, Navy, NKVD and PVO is included, along with minor units down to HQ and battalion level. All the combat units mobilised, along with the resources used, are presented in a precisely documented and structured fashion.

Also analysed to the same level of detail are: the actual strength and deployment of Soviet forces in the USSR’s internal military districts and Stavka Reserves on 22nd June 1941, pre-war stockpiles and war production of all types of weapon systems and transport, the personnel and equipment used in the formation of newly mobilised forces, the personnel and equipment replacements used by existing combat units, logistical supply of the Soviet armed forces during 1941 (i.e. the changing Supply Distribution Efficiency) and a detailed examination of the Soviet military casualties. The latter includes details on killed, wounded, missing, POW and unfit casualties during 1941, and also reviews the losses from 1942 to 1945.

Unsurprisingly, Volume IIIB is the largest volume in the Barbarossa Series (at almost 800 pages), and is by far the most complex. The FILARM (Fully Integrated Land and Air Resource) Model developed for the Barbarossa Series has been stretched to its limit to encompass all the Soviet forces fielded during 1941, as well as fully accounting for the Soviet mobilisation and war economy from June to December 1941.