The Animated War Mapper’s second episode on Operation Barbarossa is now available. This excellent, clear and detailed episode covers the day to day operations on the northern sector of the front from 22nd June to 1st July 1941.

byNigel Askeyon February 24,2024

Down to divisional level, the Animated War Mapper (AWM) uses a fully animated battle space to depict the clashes (and the advances and retreats) each day between the German Army Group North and the Soviet Forces in the Baltic Special Military District (the Northern Front from 24th June). It includes Army Group North’s establishment of multiple bridgeheads across the Dvina River, which later facilitated their further advance towards Leningrad. I highly recommend this series to gain a relatively detailed, and yet quick insight into what was a massive and very complex military campaign. Please consider liking and subscribing to the AWM channel to spread the word and encourage AWM to produce many more of these excellent videos.