Errata for Volume I – IIB

byNigel Askeyon April 19,2015

Volume I, page 99, 8th line from the top. Spelling: “save to ride” should read “safe to ride”.

Volume IIA, page 484, second (full) paragraph, second, third and fourth sentence (from “It fought on the Franco-Belgium border”). The year in all these sentences should be 1940, not 1941.

Volume IIB, page 11. The ^* note for 127th Construction Battalion mentions “assigned to the 29th Infantry Division”. This should read “assigned to the 291st Infantry Division”.

Volume IIB, page 203, last paragraph, first sentence. 1st Flak Corps is mentioned twice; in the second mention it should be replaced by 2nd Flak Corps (supporting 1st Panzer Group).