Had enough of animated WWII map videos that don’t go into any real depth or detail on the really large campaigns? Well an excellent new YouTube channel, the ‘Animated War Mapper’ is setting out to fix that.

byNigel Askeyon February 6,2024

Starting with Operation Barbarossa’s Northern Sector (Army Group North), the Animated War Mapper will be producing very clear and detailed animated maps (with loads of additional information interspaced throughout) on what turned out to be the largest and costliest military campaign in human history. The videos so far are very well structured (laid out), and, as such, they remain suitable for those seeking an introduction to these massive land campaigns, as well as any WWII experts out there seeking to further their knowledge. I highly recommend liking and subscribing to this channel for future updates, and to help AWM with future videos.
Below is the link to the first episode: Barbarossa Explained: Animated Episode 1