Operation Barbarossa: the Complete Organisational and Statistical Analysis, and Military Simulation Volume IIB.

byNigel Askeyon September 19,2013

(Due to be published in September-October 2014, approximately 500 pages.)

Volume IIB completes the Wehrmacht and Waffen SS. It will include the most detailed OOB (Order of Battle) for the German Army (Heer), Waffen SS and Luftwaffe ever published! Each German Army HQ (and army reserve) is presented separately, with all divisional and separate units shown. The latter includes even very small units such as: anti-aircraft companies, artillery HQs, artillery observation battalions, bridge construction battalions, Landesschutzen battalions and traffic control battalions.

The Luftwaffe OOB is treated with similar thoroughness: all Luftflotte and Fliegerkorps are shown separately, and the detail includes such small units as Kurierstaffel, Verbindungsstaffel and even Sanitatsflugbereitschaft (ambulance flights). The Luftwaffe tables also include complete information on the aircraft types and readiness of all air-combat (and transport) units on 21st June 1941. In addition, Luftwaffe reinforcements, withdrawals, aircraft replacements and aircraft production during 1941 are discussed.

Volume IIB also includes chapters (analyses and data tables) on the following: German weapons, equipment and personnel distribution across the Reich in June 1941, German mobilisation, war production, reinforcements, replacements (including the Replacement Army), logistics and supply distribution, and naval forces, on the East Front during 1941.
Volume IIB will be on sale at Amazon stores worldwide, Lulu.com and most well-known online bookstores.