Operation Barbarossa: the Complete Organisational and Statistical Analysis, and Military Simulation Volume IIA.

byNigel Askeyon June 9,2014

(Published in November 2013, 707 pages.)

Volume IIA is concerned with the Wehrmacht. All the significant German weapon systems and combat squads used in the campaign are analysed using the quantitative methodology detailed in Volume I, along with the contextual history. An assessment of each weapon system’s inherent ‘combat power’ is provided, as well as attributes such as the relative anti-tank, anti-personnel and anti-aircraft values.

Volume IIA then focuses on the detailed Kriegstarkenachweisungen (KStN, or TOE -Tables of Organisation and Equipment) for German land units. Also included (which is very important), is each combat unit’s actual organisation and equipment. All significant units in the German Army, Waffen SS, Luftwaffe and security forces are covered (including those on the Western Fronts); ranging from the largest panzer divisions, down to small anti-aircraft companies, military-police units, Landesschutzen battalions, and rail-road and construction companies. In all cases the data is presented in detailed tables, using the weapon systems and combat squads previously analysed.

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