Update on Release of Volume IIIA (the first of the two Soviet volumes)

byNigel Askeyon August 3,2015

Volume IIIA, which is the first of two volumes relating to the Soviet Forces, Mobilisation and War Economy from June to December 1941, is currently scheduled for release in 2016. At this time it will be the Soviet equivalent of the ‘German’ Volume IIA, with round 740 pages (the largest number the publisher can handle in one volume and in large page format). Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your perspective) a lot of new Russian sourced data had become available in July 2015, which means the Soviet model now needs considerable revision. It was originally hoped to be completed by late 2015, but this has now proved impossible. However, when released, Volume IIIA will now have all the most up to date information available.

Volume IIIA will contain the full database analysis of Soviet weapons fielded in 1941, full TOEs of all Soviet ground units (including NKVD and PVO units), a complete OOB for 22nd June 1941, units transferred to the Western USSR, and the actual strengths of all significant Soviet ground units in the Western Military Districts on 22nd June 1941. Depending on the available space, the actual strength of units in the Reserves of the Stavka GK may also be included in Volume IIIA.

Note, space requirements mean the actual strength of the ground units in Reserves of the Stavka GK and Internal Military Districts on 22nd June 1941, may be continued in the subsequent Volume IIIB. All VVS (Soviet air-force) data will be included in Volume IIIB.