Volume IIIA, on the Soviet forces, released today for purchase at Lulu.com

byNigel Askeyon November 2,2016

Volume IIIA is the first of two volumes relating to the Soviet armed forces, mobilisation and war-economy from June to December 1941. All the significant Soviet weapon systems and combat squads used in the campaign are analysed using the quantitative methodology detailed in Volume I, along with the contextual history. An assessment of each weapon system’s inherent ‘combat power’ is provided, as well as attributes such as the relative anti-tank, anti-personnel and anti-aircraft values.

Volume IIIA then focuses on the detailed Shtaty (TOEs) for all the Soviet land unit types fielded across the USSR during 1941. All significant units in the RKKA (Red Army), VVS, VMF, PVO and NKVD are included; ranging from the largest mechanised corps and tank divisions, down to small mortar battalions, PVO anti-aircraft battalions and NKVD security companies. In all cases the data is presented in detailed tables, using the weapon systems and combat squads previously analysed. Volume IIIA also includes the most detailed Orders of Battle ever published on the Red Army, PVO and NKVD forces on 22nd June 1941. Even small and obscure units are included down to battalion and company level. Lastly, Volume IIIA examines in detail every unit’s actual personnel and equipment in each of the USSR’s Western Military Districts when the Axis forces invaded.

Operation Barbarossa: the Complete Organisational and Statistical Analysis collates an immense amount of information from many sources, and presents it with contextual history and analyses. The professional or amateur scholar is provided with comprehensive details of all the armed forces on the East Front during 1941, as well as the relevant economic and logistical support. The complete work represents the most accurate and comprehensive quantitative analysis yet, of the East-Front campaign. Currently no other single work provides a comparable reference on what was the most decisive and destructive campaign of WWII.